Friday, November 08, 2013

That's not my obligation.

Dear my friends,

Study aboard is an extremely special experience.
It'll push you to know outside world from your comfortable circle, and to improve your language skills.
As my known, the most effective method to make people "grow up".
At here, not only in physically grow up, but also mentally.

It means "Try your best to face anything in your life."; it's the only way to grow up and respect the people who's trying to help you.
To grow up, must to face difficult things in your life, to challenge them, to conquer them, even to adapt them.
In these process, the most important thing is: Do it by yourself first. This is the spirit.
Haven't enough ability to read foreign literature wouldn't make you embarrassed. Do nothing but only throw your homework to your friends would made you embarrassed. Whatever you can submit your homework in the end.

Of course, I can do you a favor. But as a record, that's not my obligation. So, please don't expect me to put your staff at the first place. Because you escaped from your duty, also an evidence to prove that you didn't respect your friends and yourself.
Obviously, you have no rights to ask me about your staff, so don't ask me when we meet up.

Because this is the social manner.

Sunday, July 21, 2013


At this moment,
What I should do is finishing my thesis, and go home to lay down on my bed.

In the real world,
I'm still working at my LAB. , writing my endless thesis. Orz

Monday, March 04, 2013


A sweetie and lovely one.

Can't you feel my attitude that is hitting on you?

To use sort of words, like,
cute and lovely is not my style.

But I've only 6 months remain.
How could I be so sentimental?

The unsteady future confused me.
The far distance made me felt down badly once,
I've sworn that it won't happen again.

What am I gonna do to stop this?

Sunday, December 02, 2012


For a long time.

I'm back again. Whatever I had a long time going down down down.

But from now on, I'm gonna make a timetable until graduate (Sep. 2013).
I finally found something about Architectural Planning.
The theory about the organization of Architecture (or facility).

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Some talks

These feelings has been exist in my mind for a long while.

At the first, I'm thinking about if he just want to do something that could drive me mad.
but i didn't. So, it returns to him, and let him becoming strange.

The second, I didn't think I'm oblivious. If I am, it would let my schedule out of control.
So, I decided that i have to take voice recorder when talk with a mad person.

For a totally word about this, "It SUCK" can be the best explanation of recently life.